Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Weekend

Ready for Tball!

Having a blast at Preston Wix's bday party

Winston trying to figure out how to get into the fort with the kids

Easter bunny came!!!

Kaden with his friend Robert Bowles
Front yard tball practicing

Easter weekend was full of fun!  Saturday morning we went to Kaden's tball game and then went to Preston's bday party.  That night, Kyle and I went to Nashville for Kailey's bday dinner.  Sunday morning, we all went to church and then brunch at the Country Club.  We spent the afternoon playing and ended the evening with dinner at Mimi and Papa's.  We had a blessed weekend!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Good Friday and more random pics...

Kathryn meeting her cousin Aubree...too sweet!
10 days old and super cute!

Winston and BJ
Me leaving my house...rear view mirror...Kaden and W...leaving the house is sometimes hard!
This dog...he would rather drink rain then the water in his bowl
LOVES his robe...he has slept in it every night for almost a week
Running with this boy...he is a great running partner
He was a little hot after our run...LOL!
Back at Golfing and doing really well, I am super proud of her!!!

In line to get his robe and underwear

Good Friday fun...cupcakes from scratch with the help of these three

Time for decorating

A few of the finished products...we delivered to neighbors and family
Kaden picked these flowers for his sister...He said, "Mom look at these, they are pink and Sissy will love them."  Be still my heart!!!!!
She loved them!
Snuggling and watching TV
Egg Dying with Daddy

We had a wonderful Good Friday!  The kids were so good.  We got donuts for breakfast, made cupcakes from scratch, played outside, delivered cupcakes to neighbors and family, and dyed eggs.  It was a great day indeed!