Thursday, September 14, 2017

July 5th: Adventure Science Museum with Maxx

Maxx, Kathryn, and baby Aubrey

We love summer!  I just can't say that enough!  And, we love spending time with family.  At least once during the summer, we get together with Aunt Aimee and Maxx to do something fun.  This summer we were excited to add baby Aubrey.  Note: Kaden couldn't go, we tried...he started vomiting RIGHT before it was time to leave the house.  I felt TERRIBLE leaving him with Mimi, but Aimee was already in Clarksville when he started to get sick. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

4th of July 2017

Kathryn at the bottom of the slide...she LOVES this slide!
Robert Bowles and Kaden

Ready for dinner

Robert Bowles, Kathryn, and Kaden

I love the 4th!  And, the kids love spending this day pool side.  Kathryn looks forward to the big slide every year, and I know Kaden will love it one day too.  After several hours at the pool, we ran home to shower up, to go back to the country club for dinner, live music, and fireworks!  The CCC has the perfect set up especially for kids.  This 4th was pretty much perfect!   

4th of July Eve

Beech Bend ready!

Ready for some water play before the storm begins
Kaden on the way home from Beech Bend...exhausted!
Will Copeland, Broc Hunneycutt, Abby Huneycutt, Kathryn, and Kaden...ready for the 4th of July Eve party

Smoke bombs!

Kyle took off on July 3rd, so we decided to take the kids to Beech Bend.  This was our first time going, and it was a ton of fun!  We rode all the dry rides first.  Then we ate lunch and changed into our swimsuits to play on the wet side of the park.  Due to a big storm that blew in, we didn't spend too long on the wet side, but we did ride a couple of slides, and Kaden enjoyed the lazy river and playing in the kid friendly areas.  We all had a blast and will definitely go again! 

Once we got home, we went to hang out with the Huneycutts for dinner and fireworks on Riverside Drive.  This was our first time seeing the fireworks on the river, and they were great.  The kids had so much fun running around (smoke bombs, sparklers, etc), and the adults enjoyed time together too.  Hopefully this will become a yearly tradition!