Friday, January 19, 2018

SNOW again!

Snow Day snuggles!
Kaden with Aubrey Padgett
Me and Kaden and Aubrey and Kathryn
Kaden and Wade Greene

The gang!  Georgia Greene, Kathryn, Aubrey Padgett, Kaden, Wade Greene, and Wiley Greene

Kathryn and Wade

Home...I love the snowy deer!
Yesterday we were invited to join the Greene's and Padgett's for some sledding fun.  Our kids play together really well, so this was the perfect play date!  It was actually a little warmer...high around 35.  The kids got in some major sledding and fun! 

More SNOW Days!!!

The snow has been amazing!!!  The kids were out of school all week which meant LOTS of play time!!!  We took the kids back to the country club for more sledding on an even bigger hill.  It was a chilly 15 degrees, so we didn't stay long, but we did get in some great sledding!