Friday, April 13, 2018

Finishing out Spring Break 2018

When you can't go to the beach, you make your own!

Breakfast with this guy!
Proud mom moment...Kathryn cut 9 inches of hair and made her 3rd donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

Momma Hope celebrated her 94th bday on March 30th!  We love her so much and are lucky to continue making memories with her!!!

So sweet when sleeping!
The rest of Spring Break was spent cleaning out, reorganizing, and finishing up things around the house which is always a great feeling! 

Spring Break Day 4

At Dream More cool!

Our second day at Dollywood was filled with all our favorite rides...and we rode Fire Chaser a total of 18 times!  It was sunny and warmer which meant bigger crowds, but we had fast passes, so we never had to wait too long to ride.  The kids had the best time and were all exhausted as we traveled home.  As we were leaving our resort, they had a fun group singing and playing instruments which made leaving even harder.  We had so much fun with Kiki and Garrett on this trip.  And, I was super impressed with Dollywood!  The rides were awesome, the park was clean, the food was good, and the workers were nice.  We will definitely go back!!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring Break Day 3

Meditation before breakfast at the Dream More Resort
Overlooking the resort pool
On the trolley heading to Dollywood!

Our FAVORITE ride overall...Fire Chaser!

Smores at Dream More loved this!

Finished up the day with facial masks...too fun and funny!
Day 3....DOLLYWOOD!!!!!  We had the best day.  It was a little chilly and cloudy but no rain.  It was the perfect day because there were NO LINES for ANY rides!  We rode every single ride at the park and never had to wait longer than 5 mins.  It was amazing!!!  We had lunch at the park (burgers and fries) as well as other yummy snacks.  We loved all the rides, especially Fire was a great family roller coaster.  Kathryn rode every single ride, and Kaden rode every ride he was tall enough for.  That night we had pizza dinner at the resort, smores fireside, and finished up with facial masks before bed.  It was a great day!!!!!

Kaden funnies of the day...
1. While at breakfast when he opened his jar of cereal and said, "these are invigorating."
2. Asking my sister Kristin, "Kiki, is your nickname Kristin?"