Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day 2018

We were all exhausted from a full day of travel yesterday, so this morning we slept in!  Father's Day was spent doing exactly what Kyle wanted to do...watching TV in bed, lunch at Moe's, watching wrestling with the kids, dinner with Papa, and back home to watch more wrestling.  The kids gifted Kyle with two new dress shirts, some shower soap, and a tie hanger.  Kathryn and Kaden have been blessed with a Daddy that loves them so much.  

Homeward Bound...until next time SGI...

Saturday...I took a final walk on the beach to watch the sunrise (I tried to wake Kathryn up, but she wanted to sleep in)...I could do this EVERY SINGLE MORNING.  After packing up the car and saying our goodbyes, we were homeward bound.  As much as I love to travel, there is truly no place like home.  I missed my shower and my bed.  And, now I am ready to pick up Winston...once he is home, all will feel right in the world! 

SGI Day 7

Kaden playing with a dog on the beach

Garrett, Kathryn, Kiki, and Kaden

Maxx, Noah, Shannon, and Evie

My surfer

Dinner time...The Station for apps and Up The Creek for dinner in Apalachicola

Back at Doc Meyers
Our last day at SGI...Pool, beach, eating too much and enjoying all the family time!  We are so thankful for Pammie for making these trips happen...they are memories we will never forget.  I hope one day to do something like this for Kathryn and Kaden once they have families of their own.  Family is everything and even though we might be a little crazy, I wouldn't trade my family for anything!